Humming Bird Feeders

Well here it is folks. The ultimate

 Ivanhoe Christmas Tree Farm Humming Bird Feeder.

Below are the four sizes we have made for ourselves. The gallon was a whim, also the 2 quart one. We mainly use the quart size. The pint size is good as the season starts, also there is a 1/2 pint jar. For us, it is generally March 31/April 1 when our first hummers start arriving.  You need to use the size that will be emptied in just a few days, otherwise the mixture will mold. Also, the larger the feeder the more it will breath with any change in temperature between night and day, wasting your mixture.

Feeders:   All parts are 1/2 inch CPVC pipe fittings. One piece is CPVC to threaded 1/2 inch pipe that will screw onto the "sink hole cover". The sink hole cover is the hardest piece to find. I have bought them at Home Depot and Lowes for $1.50 to $4.50 each.

The whole head assembly is not glued or cemented together. The small CPVC pipe pieces are about 1 and 1/8th inches long so that when assembled the larger surface area contact will not leak. I just painted the assembly with canned paint. I used RUST-OLEUM apple red. Assemble the parts together, then paint them. They can be taken apart as needed for cleaning. As you can see on one of my assemblies  (next to last picture) I dropped one when putting it up and just replaced the broken piece. The bottle holders are 4 inch  for the quart and pint jars hose clamps. Hose clamps are measured by diameter.  It's best to take jars to a plumbing store and get the hose clamp that fits. The little pieces that hold the top bail are links of wire chain, I have in the first picture just a simple loop big enough for the hose clamp to fit through. A lot easier. The bail I hand made from some barbed wire (with barbs removed). This wire is very stiff. We are now using galvanized wire from chain link fence. This wire runs along top and bottom of chain link fences. Pretty soft and easy to bend. We use canning jars and the lids are cheap and interchangeable on all canning jars. Half pint, Pint, Quart, 2 quart etc.  They do not have to be heated to seal. We use the same lid over and over till it starts rusting or starts leaking. We have both small and large mouth lids and jars. We prefer the smaller. Use what suits you. The hard part is the 7/8 inch hole in the sealing lid that the Sink Hole Cover goes in. Also the sink hole cover must be drilled out. Be careful, the tin lids are very sharp and will cut you.  I use a hole saw or one of those step type drills. You might be able to use a grommet hole cutter. The hole just has to seal around the sink hole cover. You do not have to use canning jars and lids. The gallon feeder I made just had a similar type sealing ring. We used it once. Took the birds about a week to empty it. We could estimate about 30 to 40 birds (if that's possible) , take that number and multiply by 4 or 5 for the actual number that are using the feeders we had up to 150+ birds, until just before one of the first hurricanes came through.

We mainly use the quart size  We just put a cup of sugar per quart and stir it up. No pictures on that part. We use 1 cup of sugar in a quart jar. Does not need to be boiled.  We are planning to have some for sale here at the farm during our selling season.

Another thing we did was use sprinkler system hangers that hold 3/4 inch pipe to ceilings and mounted what looks like a sprinkler system with no sprinkler heads under the eaves of our house. You can see them in some of the pics.




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 Humming Bird Feeders

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